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Champion Dumpster – How to Rent a Driveway Friendly, Rubber Wheeled Roll Off Dumpster

When you decide to rent a rubber wheeled roll off dumpster from us in your local market, we want to make sure you experience our simple and easy process. Champion Dumpster is committed to making the local dumpster rental process for the customer a seamless transaction, from placing an order for the needed dumpster size to delivery of the waste container in your area, to an immediate pick up when you no longer need the bin on your driveway.

How Do We Do This???

When you near completion of your home project (whether it be a remodel or a de-clutter), waste disposal is the final task to finish your project. You’ll want this to be done as soon as possible so you can enjoy your newly remodeled or de-cluttered space.

When you and the Dumpster Consultant have found the right container for your needs, our Dumpster Delivery Experts will deliver the dumpster, when YOU need it; we pride ourselves on providing delivery with no more than a 4hours’ notice. When you no longer need the rubber wheeled roll off dumpster rental, call us back and we’ll pick it up as soon as possible.

roll off dumpster

Residential Friendly in Our Name and Our Equipment

In order for Champion Dumpster to be ‘Residential Friendly’, we need to provide our local markets a roll off dumpster rental service designed for residential areas. We achieve this by utilizing smaller vehicles that can easily navigate through the suburbs and smaller bins that have the footprint of a minivan, which will allow you to park your car on the other side of your two-car driveway.

Our Containers are Driveway Safe

Paver stone or stamp concrete driveways are wise and significant investments in your house. The last thing you’d expect from a local home serrvice provider is for them to gouge your driveway. We believe renting a bin shouldn’t include a nasty scratch on your property. Champion Dumpster replaces the conventional steel castor wheels with Rubber Wheels. We are committed to showing you that we respect your property. 

Frequent Questions About Our Service and Process 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Dumpster Near Me?

Local Dumpster rental prices near you will largely depend on how much it costs to dispose of waste at your local dumping facility. Your local dumpster suppliers will formulate their pricing structure with this information in mind. Most roll off dumpster suppliers in the United states work off of ‘all-in pricing’, which means you will get the delivery and pick up of the waste container, their standard rental period (typically 3 days) and allotted disposal weight. 

How Much Is It To Rent A Dumpster For A Day?

Our rental period includes a 72hr dumpster rental. However if one day is all that is needed, the price does not change. Why? The price is calculated to include driving to drop off the dumpster, then driving to pick up the container. If speedy service is what you’re looking for, then this is the service that we are experts in providing. 

How Long Do I Keep A Roll Off Dumpster Rental? 

Our typical rental period is for 3 days, this is included in the cost of your dumpster rental, which provides you ample time to complete your waste disposal project and de-clutter and clear your whole house from top to bottom. If you finish well before the 3 days is done, just give us a call and we will pick up the dumpster in 4 hours or less! We also deliver dumpsters in 4 hours or less, so if it is a project that is last minute or one that is planned out, give us a call to talk to one of our Dumpster Consultants to secure your dumpster today!

Can I Throw my Couch in the Roll Off Dumpster? 

Absolutely! All types of furniture are accepted as disposal items in our containers. In fact, for bulkier items like this, we’ll recommend opening up the convenient, walk-in double doors, so you can walk the couches into the back of the bin for easy loading. This easy access to the dumpster is how we make things simple for you. 

Can You Throw a Toilet in the Bin?

Yes. We accept most all building materials from a bathroom remodel, including toilets. In additiona, when you’re redoing your bathroom, you can toss in other items and debris like, broken tiles, shower doors, bathtubs et al. 

How Do I know What Size Dumpster I Need? 

Our Dumpster Consultants have suggested the appropriate dumpster size for all types of home projects. Call your local Dumpster Consultant and collaborate with them on the size required for your home project. 

As a guide, think of your disposal items in relative to pickup truck loads. If you were to fill your waste into the back of a pickup truck, how many pickup truck loads would you have? 

Please refer to our handy chart below. Our dumpster sizes will fit the following pickup truck loads

4 yard dumpster = 2 pickup loads

6 yard dumpster = 3 pickup loads

10 yard dumpster = 4 pickup loads

15 yard dumpster = 5 pickup loads

20 yard dumpster = 8 pickup loads

How Does Renting a Dumpster Work?

We make renting a dumpster a simple and friendly process. Whether you’re requesting your rental online or calling your local Dumpster Consultants, we attempt to make it easy for you. Our Dumpster Consultants will ask you a series of questions to get the full scope of your waste disposal project in order to recommend the best dumpster size. The Dumpster Consultant will collect all the pertinent information required to fulfill your order and then schedule the delivery. 

Our Dumpster Delivery Experts will then deliver a clean, lime-green bin to your home at your requested date/time. They’ll show you how to utilize the walk-in double doors if you are home upon delivery. 

Now it’s your turn! You have 3 days to fill up the dumpster with your waste and construction debris. When you’re done, call your Dumpster Consultants back to schedule a pickup. The Delivery Expert will return to your home to pick up the container and will even sweep the driveway before leaving with the full container. 

It’s as simple as that!

Can I Put Furniture in a Dumpster?

Like with the couch question above, renting a dumpster can be one of the simplest ways to get rid of furniture! We’ll typically accept all furniture in our containers, including couches, ottomans, recliners, coffee tables, accessories, etc. 

If your furniture is gently used and in still good condition, you can also look at donating it to an organization like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Salvation Army. 

5 Roll Off Dumpster Sizes For The Waste Disposal of Any Home Project

Champion Dumpster as 5 separate roll-off sizes that will accommodate the waste disposal of any-size home project. Whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel, installing a new roof, cleaning out a garage or removing debris from a disaster, our bin sizes ranging from 4 to 20 cubic yards should allow you to have a convenient dumpster rental experience. 

Call A Dumpster Consultant Now!

Our Dumpster Consultants are experts at finding the right container for your needs, and will be happy to schedule prompt delivery of your bin. We can help with any project:

• Basement cleanout

• Household cleanout jobs

• Junk removal

• Small to large home remodeling

• Roof debris (shingles, metal, or slate)

• Fire/water restoration

• Construction/landscaping debris

• Trash disposal

Next, our Delivery Experts will bring the dumpster and place it exactly where you want it. When you no longer need the dumpster, give us a call and we’ll pick it up as soon as possible. It’s that easy!

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