Spring Cleaning Checklist

In the winter states, it may be getting cold and snowy which is why we understand that no one wants to do work outside. However, now is the best time to prepare for a Spring Cleaning. The first thing you need to do is Rent a Rubber Wheeled Dumpster or Dumpster Trailer from Champion Dumpster, but then, Here’s a checklist to help you make sure you cover every part of your home when the weather gets warmer: 


-Clean out old Tupperware, cups, bowls, dishes, plates, silverware, etc from your kitchen cabinets that have been in your kitchen cabinets for years, and buy new materials. This will brighten up everyday when you eat anything. 


-Replace your bathroom vanity, mirror and light fixture. It’s a renovation that will add a whole new vibe to the room for under $1000. 

Living Areas

-Furniture, couches, rugs, seats, chairs, tables are all things that can be thrown away in a dumpster and updated to give the room a new life. 


-Go through your clothing racks and drawers and throw away old rags, shirts, pants, socks, etc and get a fresh and clean new start. 

Laundry Room

-Check your washer machine and make sure mold isn’t developing. If so, removal and disposal of a moldy washing machine, and replacement with new is the best solution. Check your lint container in your dryer, and throw the lint away in the garbage can or dumpster. 


-Leaves, tree limbs, yard waste, concrete steps, or even the cluttered garage where you had a 2 car garage but now has only one or half of a parking spot available; rent a dumpster and throw away the garbage. 

Hope this checklist helps with your spring cleaning success! And as with any spring cleaning, always remember to Rent a Dumpster to clean out your home. Fill out our Rental Page to have a Rubber Wheeled dumpster from Champion Dumpster delivered in your driveway today.

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